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Road Builder & Heavy Construction Foundation Program
Heavy Equipment Operator Course

Road Builder & Heavy Construction Foundation Program
- 4 weeks

Course Description

The program is intended to serve as a pre-employment program for individuals who wish to enter the road building and heavy construction industry. It is the stepping stone for individuals to enter the ITA HEO program and pursue ITA certification. The program will be delivered in a variety of formats combining in-school; training, self-study and work site tours to meet the competency standards and profile defined by the industry.

Course Time Breakdown - In School 120 hours

Module A: 46 Hours, written module examination
Module B: 36 Hours, written module examination
Module C: 26 Hours, written module examination
Module D: 12 Hours, written module examination

Program Pre-requisites

Grade 10 English Equivalency
Grade 10 Math Equivalency

Module A

Topics Covered

Module A - Industry Orientation and Overview

  • Orientation to Road Construction and Heavy Construction
  • Worksite Health and Safety Practices
  • Environmental Requirements
Module B

Topics Covered

Module B - Tools and Equipment Operations and Maintenance

  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Ladders and Scaffolds
  • Rigging and Material
  • Basic Road Building and Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Small Road Building and Construction Equipment
Module C

Topics Covered

Module C - Civil Engineering Principles

  • Surveying and Construction
  • Drainage
  • Basic Soil Mechanics/Geology
  • Principles of Excavation and Shoring
  • Aggregates
  • Asphalt Pavement
  • Concrete
Module D

Topics Covered

Module D - Worksite Preparation

  • Employment Skills
  • Worksite Employee Roles
  • Construction Worksite Team Skills
  • Communication Skills

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